Hi Phillip,
I case you don't recognize my name, it's Haley Cooper-Cox, Dale's daughter.  I had to hunt down your email address which is why you haven't heard from me sooner.  We are  all very sorry to hear about Elmer.  My dad, my brother, Casey and I are all heartbroken.  Your brother has a very special place in our hearts and our lives.  I have some pictures I want to email you from my wedding (I will have to do that from my computer at home).  I was truly touched that Elmer made it up hear for that.  He helped out tremendously behind the scenes too.  Casey and I closed on our house the day before our wedding and so my dad and Elmer moved our bed in so we could stay there on our wedding night.  After the wedding and the reception were over and we went to our new house, and of course I had plenty of champagne at the reception, but we had no toilet paper for me to go pee.  So your brother saved the day.  He rode one of my dad's motorcycles down to our house in the rain to deliver us toilet paper.

He would call us often to check in and see how everyone was doing.  We were hoping to get him out this way for Thanksgiving but he was just too busy.  He thought he might be able to make it before he moved back to South Africa.

We offer our deepest sympathies and our greatest respect.  We know how had it is to lose a loved one.  Elmer is truly loved and will be deeply missed.  If you are ever in the country, we would love to see you again.  You are always a welcome part of our family.

Take care and much love,