Philip, Jauleen, Eileen and your family, James and your family:

I am so sorry for your loss.  Having to say good-bye to Elmer prematurely does not seem fair.  I know you must be deeply greiving.  I will continue to pray that the Lord God will comfort you, give you peace and acceptance.  I understand no words could express enough, my grief for you, his family whom he loved so much and whom obviously loved their baby brother beyond words. I could see it in his eyes when he spoke of each of you.  Eileen he told me how proud he was of you; how "cool" you were.  How hard you worked to get where you are. Jauleen, when I asked Elmer what you were like he said you were and "awesome girl; good for Philip". Philip, without a doubt he loved, admired and did see you as his Hero in life!  What a special bond. Elmer was a good man.  A gentle spirit.  It is clear the work ethic and fine character that your parents and yourselves instilled in him.  Philip, my mother so appreciated your sharing with her about your mother.  She tells the story of your mothers "charge" to you to "take care of Elmer" with such affection and great admiration.  We all can see that you did just that.  My mother was so touched by Elmer, he was sweet to her and she loved him very much.  She is so distraught.  She spoke to him like a mother would.  She could see the little boy in him through the grown man exterior; she loved that about Elmer. My family will forever be grateful to Elmer for what he did for James last year.  We all have no doubt he was instrumental in getting James safely to Dakar!  I had the priveledge of seeing their relationship develop starting in October 2005.  I spent a lot of hours with them in the basement as they prepared in various ways for the adventure of James' life and his dream of Dakar.  Elmer talked through situations with James; sharing his knowledge of what it is like on this ralley.  I know that James learned a lot from Elmer and that he had a love and bond with Elmer because of that experience.  I believe they did impact each others lives.  I'm not sure I can articulate the comfort and peace that we all felt knowing Elmer was caring for James in the most harsh and dangerous environment of the Dakar Ralley.  We will never forget that and we will never forget Elmer. Elmer was loved by so many.  I hope over the next few weeks and months that you are able to experience all the love that people had for him. Elmer definitely made his mark here on this earth and we all trust and believe that even though he left us sooner than he or any of us wanted that he is with your mother and father and Jesus in that peaceful place-Heaven.

Philip, James wanted me to give you his phone number as he knows you could not write it down earlier.  He said to please call him when time and energy permits.  We are all here to support you and the family in any way that we can.  His int'l cell phone number is 678-982-0466.

I know that at a time like this there must be so much to think about and handle.  I know of no other way to bring it up but to say I thought of some things that hopefully will be helpful at this time.


We continue to pray for the Peace of God that surpasses ALL understanding to touch and heal your broken heart and as we reflect on the impact Elmer had on our lives here we rejoice that we had the opportunity to know him.

May you know God's blessings, his peace, his power and strength to get you through this time or sorrow.

Alicia Embro (James' sister)